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    Getting Your Priorities Straight, Part 3

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    (I work in a store near a drive-through safari. One day, a motorcycle rider comes into the store.)

    Manager: “Sir, you can’t go through on a motorcycle–it’s not safe for you or the animals.

    Motorcycle rider: “I’ve been through before in my car and nothing happened.”

    Manager: “Sir, there are bears, monkeys, and giraffes wandering loose. You could be hurt. We can’t let you got through. We offer a bus service–”

    Motorcycle rider: “This is discrimination! What kind of place doesn’t allow cycle riders?”

    (During this time, a group of bus riders is shopping in the store. One of them speaks up.)

    Bus rider: “Oh, just let him get eaten! That’s a nice bike, and the monkeys and bears will tear it apart anyway.”

    Motorcycle rider: “They’d do that to my bike?”

    (He rode the bus that day.)

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