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    Getting Pea’d Off Is A Bad Sign

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    (Because of a food shortage due to weather, we are required by management to cut back on our vegetables. In front of our veggie selection is a sign explaining the situation.)

    Customer: “This piece of paper is in the way. I can’t see some of your veggies. Can you take it down?”

    Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to remove or alter any signs posted by my manager. We have a list of all the veggies we offer here.”

    (I point to our veggies list, which is right next to it.)

    Customer: “Why are you being so skimpy with the veggies? It’s not like you don’t have more.”

    Me: “Actually, our supply is very limited right now due to our shortage of produce.”

    Customer: “You need to have a sign explaining this.”

    Me: “We do. It’s the piece of paper you wanted me to move.”

    Customer: “No one is going to see that!”