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    Get A Life

    | Alabama, Canada | Technology, Uncategorized

    Caller: “My friend told me that there is something better than the TV service I have right now.”

    (I have been looking at his account for over 20 minutes. He has full HD TV service.)

    Me: “Well, you have full HD TV. The only thing better would be to upgrade to a Personal Video Recorder.”

    Caller: “No, I don’t want one of those. I want better picture on my TV!”

    Me: “You have better picture on your TV. You have HD TV.”

    Caller: “No! You don’t understand. My friend told me that there is something better than what I have. I want that! What is it?”

    (Note: this was before 3D TV was available.)

    Me: “Well, there is talk of things like 3D TV, but the technology is a ways away. It’s not something available now. You currently have the best thing available on the market today.”

    Caller: “No! There is something better! What is better than HD TV?”

    Me: “The only thing better than HD TV is real life.”

    Caller: “Real life? Well, how do I get that?”