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    From Couch Potato To Baked Potato

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    (Due to a large fire in our area, over 30,000 people are under mandatory evacuation until the fire can be brought under control.)

    Customer: “Where’s my technician? I was promised a technician today!”

    Me: “Well, your area is under a mandatory evacuation order due to a fire in the area. You should leave immediately if you’re still there. Our technician can’t get through the police roadblock to your home. We already called and left a message on your cell phone to advise you of this.”

    Customer: “Well, I’m here. Where’s my technician? Why can’t I turn any lights on?”

    Me: “The power to the affected areas has been cut deliberately due to the fire.”

    Customer: “Why can’t he get past the roadblock? Why didn’t you call my landline?”

    Me: “They’re not even letting people who live in the area enter the evacuation zone. We didn’t call your landline because no one should be home right now.”

    Customer: “Well, that’s not my problem. Sort it out!”