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    Fpelling Is Fimple

    | Boulder, CO, USA | Uncategorized

    (I’m trying to instruct a caller how to visit a website.)

    Customer: “It says ‘page cannot be displayed’.”

    Me: “Okay, please go to google.com.”

    Customer: “Okay, it came up.”

    Me: “Alright, it looks like we got the address wrong the first time. Let’s try it again.” *I spell out the entire URL*

    Customer: “It’s still not working.”

    Me: “OK, could you please spell it back to me?”

    Customer: “H-T-T-P-F…”

    Me: “I see what happened here. At the beginning we need to put H-T-T-P-S as in ‘Sierra’.”

    Customer: “OK, H-T-T-P-F…”

    Me: “No, not F as in Frank, S as in Sam. S as in sample.”

    Customer: “H-T-T-P-F…”

    Me: “Sir, no, we need to make sure that it is an S as in Sierra.” S as in solution.”

    Customer: *really upset at this point* “YOU’RE NOT MAKING ANY SENSE! F AS IN SIERRA?! F AS IN SIERRA?! SIERRA BEGINS WITH AN S!