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    For The Good Of Mankind, Please Drink More

    | Winnipeg, Canada | Uncategorized

    Me: “Good afternoon! Thanks for calling, how can I help you?”

    Customer: “I just got off the phone with poison control!”

    Me: “Oh? ”

    Customer: “They told me to call you! Tell me; is your cleaning solution toxic?”

    Me: “You mean the stuff we use to clean fresh ear piercings?”

    Customer: “Yah, that stuff. I mean, I called poison control and they said they weren’t familiar with your product but to call you and find out what’s in it…”

    Me: “Well no sir, I don’t believe it’s toxic. There isn’t really anything in here that–”

    Customer: “–because I ingested a whole bunch of it!”

    Me: “Why?”

    Customer: “I was out of mouth wash. I needed mouth wash.”

    Me: “But it isn’t mouth wash…it’s used to clean piercings…”

    Customer: “I know, do you think I’m stupid?! That’s why I’m worried!”

    Me: “Sir, it isn’t toxic. And for the record, all the ingredients are on the bottle itself.”

    Customer: “Why would I look at the bottle? I called poison control!”

    Me: “Mhmm. It’s not going to kill you sir. Just try not to drink any more of it, please.”

    Customer: “Oh good. I’ll call poison control back and tell them that your cleaning solution isn’t a threat to public safety.”

    Me: “Please do.” *click*