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    Food To Go Is Going Nowhere

    , | Charlottesville, VA, USA | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Theme Of The Month

    (The store closes at 10:30 pm. A customer comes in at 10:26 pm and takes 10 minutes to decide what they want, even though we only serve chicken tenders which take seven minutes to cook.)

    Me: “All right, your box combo will be up in about eight minutes.”

    Customer: “That’s fine.”

    Me: *brings out food in a to-go box*

    Customer: “Thank you so much!” *begins to open container*

    Me: “Sir, we closed at 10:30.”

    Customer: *looks at watch* “I still have time.” *continues eating*

    (Because there’s a customer in the store, we can’t clean or lock the door. Just as the customer is finishing, eight more people show up.)

    Customer: “My friends are here. Let them in and give them food to go.”

    Me: “Sir, we’re closed.”

    Customer: “The doors are open. Look here they come.”

    Me: “Sir, the doors are open because we can’t lock you in.”

    Manager: “Just take the orders, but make them to go.”

    (I took the orders. The people proceeded to sit down with their to-go boxes and eat and talk for the next 30 minutes. My manager got so mad that we cleaned up around them. To this day the restaurant closes at 10:23 pm just to be safe.)