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    Food For Thoughtless, Part 2

    | Orlando, FL, USA | Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Top

    (I’m waiting for my food at a popular restaurant that calls your order number, and then puts your food up on a counter so you can grab it.)

    Cook: “Order number [X].”

    (I’m walking, up when a customer runs up and grabs at the food.)

    Customer: “What is this? This isn’t what I ordered!”

    (The customer starts taking the sandwich apart.)

    Customer: “I didn’t order this! What’s this?”

    (The customer starts picking parts of the salad out with her fingers.)

    Customer: “I ordered a roast beef and soup!”

    Cook: “Were you order number [X]?”

    Customer: “No. My order number is [Y].”

    Cook: “Then that’s not your food. That belongs to someone else.”

    Customer: “Well you should have said something!”

    (The customer stomps off. I look at my ripped apart sandwich that someone has just been grabbing.)

    Me: “I’m order number [X]. Sorry, I tried to speak up.”

    Cook: “Don’t worry; I’ll remake that for you. You wouldn’t believe how often this happens.”

    Food For Thoughtless