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    Flip Flop Flop

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    (I work in a department store selling shoes. I’m all alone in my department one night. A rather bedraggled looking customer comes in, grabs a display sandal, and slams them on my counter.)

    Customer: “I want to buy these.”

    Me: “Okay. What size do you need?”

    Customer: “Whatever. Just pick one.”

    (I look down at his feet to estimate his size, and notice he is barefoot. I go back into the stock room and grab a pair of the sandals he wants. When I get back out to the counter, security is standing there waiting.)

    Me: “Okay, sir. I grabbed you a nine. Do you want to try them on?”

    Customer: “No. Just ring them up.”

    Me: “Okay. That’ll be $107.80.”

    (The customer rummages through his wallet for several minutes, and finally hands me $4.)

    Me: “Thank you, sir. Now we just need $103.80.”

    Customer: “I handed it to you, sweetie.”

    Me: “You only handed me $4. That’s not enough for these shoes.”

    Customer: “Oh, gosh, sweetie. I’m sorry. Here.”

    (The customer hands me another stack of dollar bills, which I count. He’s still about $70 short.)

    Me: “Okay. That’ll be another $70.”

    Customer: “I already gave it to you!”

    (I count out the total bills he handed me, and show him my screen showing the total. I grab a calculator and work out the difference for him.)


    Security: “You didn’t pay her enough, sir.”

    Customer: “Screw this place!”

    (The customer takes his money back and storms out the door.)

    Me: *to security* “Well, that was interesting.”

    Security: “I told him he couldn’t be in here without shoes, so he said he’d go buy some. Glad to see that worked out for him.”