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    Fix The Phone And Call It Square

    | Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK | Technology

    Customer: “Hello, hello! My phone’s gone berserk!”

    Me: “Can you be a bit more precise?”

    Customer: “It’s totally berserk!”

    Me: “I’ll need something more specific. Is it in Greek? Will it switch on?”

    Customer: “My apps are all up the left!”

    Me: “Press the big rectangle button at the bottom. Have you got the picture in the background?”

    Customer: “Yes.”

    Me: “Now, what do you do to go berserk?”

    Customer: “Go to the apps.”

    Me: “Do that now. What do you see?”

    Customer: “It’s like I’m going shopping!”

    Me: “Sorry?”

    Customer: “It’s like my shopping list!”

    Me: “What does the list say?”

    Customer: “Milk, eggs, yoghurt, potatoes—”

    Me: “—no. What does the list on the phone say?”

    Customer: “Settings, Internet, Facebook… oh, Allshare! I haven’t seen that before.”

    Me: “What was it like before?”

    Customer: “Squares! I had loads of squares!”

    Me: “Do you want the squares back again?”

    Customer: “Yes! Give me back my squares!”

    Me: “Okay. Your apps have changed from a grid to a list. Do you see the little button to the left of the home button?”

    Customer: “It says ‘Grid View’.”

    Me: “Press ‘Grid View’.”

    Customer: “Thank you, thank you! You gave me my squares back again!”