• My Roommate Is My Pet Hate
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    First Day Back And Already Pooped

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    (A customer runs in.)

    Customer: *breathlessly* “Where’s your bathroom?”

    Me: “Down the hall to the right.”

    Customer: *runs off*

    (I see him a few minutes later, walking back.)

    Customer: “Thanks… Uh, could you tell the person who cleans the bathrooms that I’m sorry?”

    Me: *confused* “That you’re sorry?”

    Customer: “Yes I tried to hold it in but… I didn’t make it in time.” *leaves*

    (I go to the men’s bathroom and take a peek. Feces are everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, on the mirror. It looks like an explosion. I close the door. Sometime later the bathroom cleaner walks in.)

    Bathroom Cleaner: “Hey, [My Name]. Good afternoon.”

    Me: “Hey. Oh, before you go—”

    (Too late, she’s already opened the door to the men’s.)

    Bathroom Cleaner: “WHAT THE H*** HAPPENED HERE?”

    Me: “Er, well…” *explains*

    Bathroom Cleaner: “Geez! I just got back from vacation, to feces on the wall!”