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    Finished The Transaction At Break-Neck Speed

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    (I am fresh out of high school. I work at a popular fast food chain and my long-term partner lives about an hour away. I have just returned from a short vacation, during which I spent my time at her house. As we didn’t see each other often we had to make the most of our time together. A customer in his 50s, male, is at my counter.)

    Customer: “You’ve been a naughty girl.”

    Me: “… Excuse me?”

    Customer: “You’ve been very naughty.” *points at me*

    Me: “Uh… what?”

    Customer: “The marks on your neck.”

    Me: *instinctively pull up my collar, embarrassed*

    Customer: “That’s all right. Seems like you’ve got a lucky boy on your hands.” *winks*