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    Fingers Crossed You’ll Find A Solution

    | Retail | Providence, RI, USA | Bizarre, Family & Kids

    (It’s been a long night and our store has given its 15 minute alert for customers to check out before we close the registers. I work in the children’s department and am watching a boy about eight years of age standing at the underwear display looking around nervously and fidgeting.)

    Boy’s Mother: *walks over* “What are you doing?”

    Boy: *whispers something, causing his mother to go red in the face*

    Mother: “Are you SERIOUS? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Do you have any common sense at ALL?!”

    (The boy hangs his head as his mother takes a breath. I turn to leave thinking he confessed a wrongdoing to his mom so it wasn’t my business. I’m stopped by a tap on the shoulder.)

    Me: “Yes, ma’am?”

    Mother: “I’m sorry to bug you, but… my son’s finger is stuck in a hole in the display.”

    Me: “Really?”

    Mother: “Yes, sorry about that.”

    Me: *lifting up my walkie talkie* “[Boss]? I have a little boy with his finger stuck in the underwear display… It’s turning purple and I need assistance.

    Boss: “Very funny.”

    Me: *seriously* “No… really.”

    Boss: “Oh, GOD!”

    (Half the store and both managers came to help. It took a mixture of butter substitute, hand sanitizer, and neosporin to save the finger!)