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    Failing The Sick Trick

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    Me: “Okay, sir. Your total is $87.19.”

    Customer: “I have cancer.”

    Me: “I’m sorry?”

    Customer: “I have cancer. What’s my total now?”

    Me: “Still $87.19, sir.”

    Customer: “What? I’m dying from cancer and you’re going to charge me an outrageous amount?”

    Me: “Sir, my mother had cancer. She can’t smell or taste anything anymore. She doesn’t get a discount when we eat out just because she can’t smell or taste it.”

    Customer: “I refuse to pay full price.”

    Me: “How long have you been in treatment?”

    Customer: “Two years.”

    Me: “What kind of cancer?”

    Customer: “Lymphoma?”

    Me: “Hodgkin’s or Non?”

    Customer: “Non…?”

    Me: “Large cell or small cell?”

    Customer: “Large?”

    Me: ”I must say, sir, you have an amazing wig! I almost thought it was your real hair!”

    Customer: “This IS my real hair!”

    (The customer pauses, and then realizes what has happened.)

    Customer: “F*** you!” *storms out*