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    Extra Coating Of Generosity

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    (It’s about 32°F out. I’m walking into the store before my shift; I’m not wearing a coat because I forgot it at home. I am stopped by a customer loading his groceries into his car.)

    Customer: “You must be freezing!”

    Me: “Oh, it’s not so bad.”

    Customer: *shakes his head* “It’s too cold to not have a coat! You should hurry inside!”

    Me: “I will; have a good day, sir!”

    (Half an hour later, the same customer comes through my line with a brand new winter coat draped over one arm.)

    Customer: *hands me the coat* “Everyone deserves to be warm in the winter.”

    Me: *shocked* “Thank you, sir, but I can’t—”

    Customer: “Don’t worry about it, just pay it forward.”

    (He left before I could get another word in. Not personally needing the coat, I donated it to a local coat-drive, along with $200 my co-workers and I collected by sharing the story amongst ourselves and other customers.)