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    Even Professors Fail At Pass(Words)

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    (I am a student worker at my university’s IT help desk. Professors’ passwords are set to expire every 90 days. A professor having connection problems informs me he hasn’t changed his password in months.)

    Me: “Oh, okay! I think that’s the issue here. Your password has probably expired and…”

    Professor: “Expired?!”

    Me: “Yes, they’re set to expire every 90 days for security.”

    Professor: “90 days! Why don’t you tell us these things?”

    Me:”I’m so sorry, usually we email professors at the beginning of term.”

    Professor: “Well, you didn’t tell me! I didn’t get any emails from you people!”

    Me: “I’m very sorry. Let me reset your password for you now so that you can connect.”

    (I reset his password and write it down for him.)

    Professor: “What the h*** is this?”

    Me: “That’s the pound sign.”

    Professor: “I know what it is! Why is it in my password?”

    Me: “It’s a regulation from our administration. Your password has to have letters, numbers and special characters.”

    Professor: “And when were you planning on telling us this?”

    Me: “There should have been an email last week.”

    Professor: “There was no email! Seriously, do you do anything? Where’s your boss? I need to speak with him.”

    Me: “He’s out right now.”

    Professor: “You need to let me know the moment he gets back.”

    Me: “Of course. How should we notify you? We can send you an email?”

    Professor: “Don’t email me. God! I never read those. Call my office phone.”