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    Enquiring Children Enquiring About Children

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    (I am carrying on quite a conversation with a four-year-old girl while I check her mother out at my store. I am 19.)

    Mom: “Stop asking so many questions; you’re bothering the lady!”

    Me: “No! It’s okay; I’m happy to answer. I think it’s great that she’s so curious!”

    Mom: “You must have kids.”

    Me: “Oh no, not yet.”

    Little Girl: “You don’t have kids?!” *whimpers, sounding heartbroken* “Why? You don’t like kids?”

    Me: “No, no, I love kids! I’m just really young, and I’m not ready to have kids yet.”

    Little Girl: “Well… when will you be ready?”

    Me: “When I have more time and money. I want to make sure I can take good care of my kids, and right now I can barely take good care of myself!”

    Little Girl: “Well, that makes sense. Okay then!”

    (The little girl then gives me a nod approval.)