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    Emergency Disservice

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    (I am a Community Assistant. When a resident has a problem with their apartment they have to call the CA Duty phone. However, today is labor day and it’s my day off.)

    Resident: “I have a emergency at my apartment!”

    Me: “How can I help you sir?”

    Resident: “There was a bee’s nest in my roof, but now the bees have come through a crack in the ceiling! My apartment is full of bees!”

    Me: “Sir, I would recommend that you call some sort of animal services, but I can’t help you.”

    Resident: “Well, why not? Doesn’t the apartment have some sort of procedure for this type of situation?”

    Me: “Well, it’s Labor Day and my day off. Plus, you’re supposed to call me for maintenance issues, not insects.”

    Resident: “You can’t take the day off! What if there was a medical emergency on a holiday!”

    Me: “Then I hope you would call 911.”

    Resident: “Don’t they have the day off, too?”