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    Electing Key Information

    , | Tempe, AZ, USA | Extra Stupid, Politics

    (I’m volunteering to make phone calls on Election Day for a political campaign.)

    Me: “Hello. This is [My Name) with [Campaign]. I’m calling to make sure—”

    Voter: “Why the h*** do you call people like this?! I’m sick of it.”

    Me: “Well, I’m sorry, sir. I just want to—”

    Voter: “Seriously, don’t you think people are smart enough to do their own research? Everyone knows there is an election going on! There is no reason to bother people like this!”

    Me: “Again, I’m sorry to bother you, sir. I just wanted to make sure you had a chance to vote today.”

    Voter: “Wait… the election is today?! Thank you!”