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    Easily Puzzled

    | Pennsylvania, USA |

    Me: “****** Frame Shop, how can I help you?”

    Lady: “Hi. I have a problem with a mat I ordered.”

    Me: “What is the problem?”

    Lady: “Well, I wanted the mat to fit over a puzzle and on the puzzle box it says it is supposed to be 20″ by 28″, so that is what we ordered.”

    Me: “Okay.”

    Lady: “But I am putting the puzzle together and it is only 20″ by 23″.”

    Me: “Well, if there is a problem I can always re-order the mat for you…”

    Lady: “But the puzzle is supposed to be 20″ by 28″! Now it won’t fit in the frame I bought from you!”

    Me: “Do you have the puzzle all put together?”

    Lady: “No, not yet.”

    Me: “…then how did you measure it?”

    Lady: “I measured the edges!”

    Me: “Are there any pieces with flat sides left?”

    Lady: “Yes, but they don’t fit.”

    Me: “Hmm, I see….”

    (I spend the next 15 minutes trying to explain to the customer that all of the flat pieces belong on the edges of the puzzle, without offending her or snickering.)