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    | Alabama, USA | Technology

    (I work at an IT helpdesk that supports store managers. A manager calls in about problems with their telephone system.)

    Me: “Can you tell me what model equipment are you guys are using?”

    Customer: “I don’t know what kind it is.”

    Me: “Can you read me what the label says on unit?”

    Customer: “It says A…T…something in Chinese…and another T.”

    Me: “Chinese?”

    Customer: “I’m gonna unplug it.”

    Me: “No, wait. Don’t–” *call disconnects*

    (Since he disconnected his entire telephone system, we couldn’t contact the store and had to drive down to talk to them personally. We ended up having to hire a 3rd party tech to go out and plug that device back in and reconfigure the entire system. Apparently, they don’t have the ampersand in Alabama.)