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    Drop(out) The Bomb

    | AB, Canada | School, Underaged

    (I live in a small town; as such, little stories such as ‘so and so made this all star team’ or ‘this person went to a university’s honor band” frequently appear in the newspaper. During high school, I was part of the later group until I started university, where my name would continue to appear in the Dean’s List published at the end of each semester. At this moment, university has been out for a week, while the high schools are finishing up their school year.)

    Customer: “Hey, why aren’t you in school?”

    Me: “Beg pardon?”

    Customer: “It’s 11:00 AM; not even the students with special privileges to work during school hours should be out yet! Why are you not at [School] and working here?”

    Me: “Sir, I graduated a few years ago.”

    Customer: “No, you didn’t! I just saw your name in the paper for some fancy list.”

    Me: “Oh, you mean the Dean’s List? Yes, I’m happy that I got on it this semester. I was taking a full load of classes!”

    Customer: “You shouldn’t be done yet! School doesn’t finish for another three weeks.”

    Me: “Sir, I no longer attend [High School]. Instead, I—”

    Customer: *shocked* “You dropped out?! After all those times you were in the paper for music and smart stuff? What in the world possessed you to do that?!”

    Me: “I didn’t drop out sir. I just—”

    Customer: “Where is your manager? I need to talk to him about hiring drop outs, even if they appear to be smarticle like you!”

    (Yes, he did use the word ‘smarticle.’)

    Me: *pulls university ID card out of pocket wallet* “Please read the date this was issued.”

    Customer: “Summer 2010?”

    Me: “Yes. Now, why would I have a university ID card?”

    Customer: “Because you go to that university?”

    (I wait.)

    Customer: “Oh… yeah. That was the college list, wasn’t it?” *gathers up items, pays, and leaves*