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    Driven To Recession

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    Me: “Hi, ma’am. Are you interested in buying a car?”

    Customer: “What kind of car is this?”

    Me: “This is the new [model].”

    Customer: “Wait! I haven’t seen one of those since the 1990’s!”

    Me: “Yes, our brand actually brought out a new–”

    Customer: “So you have a car here from the 1990’s, still have a new sticker price on it, and expect me to pay full price?”

    Me: “Ma’am, it’s a new car.”

    Customer: “Do you think I’m stupid? You people know nothing about the car business! Why would you openly advertise that you couldn’t sell a car for over ten years? That tells me you’re an awful business!”

    Me: “But ma’am, it’s not a car actually from a decade ago. It’s a remake of that car. It was made this year.”

    Customer: “Either you’re a liar or this car company is a joke! This is why the recession took place, because of this!”