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    Don’t Mess With Employees, Part 2

    Not Always Right | Roundups, Wild & Unruly

    Don’t Mess With Employees, Part 2! This week, we return with part two of the roundup that started it all: teaching misbehaving customers the consequences of messing with employees!

    1. Why Barkeeps Should Rule The World (6,011 thumbs up)
      A cheap patron asks a stupid question and gets a priceless answer!
    2. Scamming In Plain Sight (4,764 thumbs up)
      The only damage this scamming customer will get is to his wallet.
    3. Coming To A Theater Near You: Gangsta Ushers (2,937 thumbs up)
      A thieving movie customer gets the show of a lifetime!
    4. Don’t Mess With The Candyland Gang (1,794 thumbs up)
      What do a Fairy, Santa Clause, and a six-foot Snowman have in common?
    5. Choose Your Battles (3,653 thumbs up)
      A violent video game customer learns it’s best not to wrestle with wrestlers!

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