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    Don’t Have A Cow, Man

    | Finland | Uncategorized

    (I work in a shoe store. A customer comes over to me with a pair of shoes.)

    Customer: “What material are these shoes made of? Are they made of leather?”

    Me: “No, they are synthetic.”

    (According to my boss, we don’t need to know the exact formula, just that a pair of shoes is synthetic or leather, etc.)

    Customer: “Synthetic? What exactly does that mean? So, they’re not leather?”

    Me: “No, they’re not. Synthetic means they’re artificially made and not of leather or any other naturally occurring material.”

    Customer: “Uh-huh. But are they leather?”

    Me: “No.”

    (Customer takes the pair of shoes away. Two minutes later I see her talking to my coworker with another, similar pair of shoes in her hands. This new pair is clearly made of same material than the previous one.)

    Customer: *to coworker* “Synthetic, I see. But are they made of leather?”