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    Don’t Count On Intelligence

    | New Jersey, USA | At The Checkout, Top

    Customer: “How much is this? I’m kind of bad at math.”

    Me: “Sure. It come to $10.20.”

    (The customer hands me a $10 bill.)

    Customer: “Here you go.”

    Me: “Alright, I need at least 20 more cents.”

    Customer: “Oh…alright.”

    (The customer puts down five pennies.)

    Customer: “Is that enough?”

    Me: “15 more cents.”

    (The customer puts down a dime.)

    Me: “Alright you have $10.15 now.”

    (The customer puts down 5 more pennies, but takes away the $10 bill.)

    Me: “Alright, you have the right amount of change. But I need that $10 bill.”

    Customer: “But this is 20!”

    Me: “20 cents. And your total is $10.20.”

    Customer: “Oh, I get it.”

    (The customer hands me a $1 bill.)

    Me: “I’ll need that $10 bill you had before.”

    (The customer gives me the $10 bill and begins to take away the 20 cents.)

    Me: “Wait…actually no you’re good. That’s the right amount.”