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  • Doing A Job On The Kids

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    (A mother comes in with two young sons. One is about seven, and the other about four.)

    Mother: “I got you both candy. Now, no more fighting in the car.

    Me: *to the kids* “Fighting in the car? Uh oh. Do you know what happens to kids who fight in the car?”

    Boys: “No. What?”

    Me: “They get left at gas stations. And do you know what we do with kids who get left here?”

    Boys: *wide-eyed* “What?”

    Me: “We put them to work. And we don’t give them the fun jobs; we make them clean the toilet!”

    (By now the mom is just laughing.)

    Boys: “We don’t want to stay here!”

    Me: “Yeah. We make the really bad kids clean the toilets with their tongues!”

    (I look up to the mom.)

    Me: “That might buy you 15 minutes of them not fighting!”

    Mom: *to her boys* “Guess you’d better behave so you don’t get left some where.”

    Boys: “We’ll quit fighting!”