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    Doctor Sue

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    (I am selling a replica phone box from the popular show ‘Doctor Who’ on an online auction site. In the show the phone box is actually a time machine/spaceship. I put my number on there so people can call me.)

    Caller: “Hi, I was wondering about the replica phone box you are selling. Can it actually fly to other planets and go through time?”

    Me: “Afraid not. It’s a replica…it’s fake.”

    Caller: “Well, is it as big inside as in the show?”

    Me: “No, that’s impossible to do. It’s a TV show so it’s not real.”

    Caller: “What? You’re selling a replica? So it can’t fly to other planets and through time?”

    Me: “No one can make it like it is on the show. It’s impossible.”

    Caller: “Excuses, excuses! You lying b****!. I’m going to report you and sue!” *click*