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    Deferred Gratification 101

    | Georgia, USA | School

    (I work in a campus post office for students only. Package slips are put in the boxes and an e-mail is sent to the student’s school e-mail address when they receive a package.)

    Me: “Hi, can I help you?”

    Student: “Hi, do I have a package?”

    Me: “Did you have a package slip in your box? I need that.”

    Student: “No, I didn’t get one.”

    (I go to the back and check anyway because one of the workers often forgets to put the slips in the boxes during her shift.)

    Me: “I’m sorry. I didn’t see any package with your name.”

    Student: “Could you check again?”

    Me: “There were only 6 packages, and I’m sure none of them were for you. Did you get an email saying your package had arrived?”

    Student: “No.”

    Me: “Did the tracking number say it had been delivered?”

    Student: “Oh, no, the tracking number didn’t have any information on it.”

    (I go online to double check her tracking number.)

    Me: “It says here that you ordered the package only three hours ago.”

    Student: “Yeah, so it’s not here yet?”

    Me: “No. It says here that it’s coming from out of the country. It could take up to a month for it to arrive depending on how long it takes to get through customs, but it usually takes two or three weeks.”

    Student: “Oh…well, okay. I’ll come back to check tomorrow then!”