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    Debt Collection Is All That It Is Cracked Up To Be

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    Me: “Hello, may I please speak to Jane Doe?”

    Customer: “Which one? One’s my wife and one’s my sister.”

    Me: “Jane L. Doe.”

    Customer: “That’s my sister. She’s a crackhead. We don’t associate with her anymore. She still owes me hundreds of dollars.”

    Me: “Well, do you know anyone who could get in touch with her? Maybe your parents?”

    Customer: “My parents don’t talk to her anymore either. And even if they did, I don’t want to hassle them over my good-for-nothing crackhead of a sister. Why do you want to talk to her?”

    Me: “I need to speak with her regarding the property on [address].”

    Customer: “That’s my house. What Jane Doe did you say you were looking for?”

    Me: “Jane L Doe.”

    Customer: “Oh, that’s my wife. She’s not a crackhead. She’s at church.”