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    Dealing With Racists Can Be Ownerous

    | Fort Worth, TX, USA | Bigotry, Food & Drink, Theme Of The Month, Top

    (I am eating dinner at a cafeteria. I see a waitress being incessantly berated by an elderly woman.)

    Waitress: “May I help you to your table, ma’am?”

    Customer: “Just listen to that redneck accent!”

    Waitress: “I grew up in Texas, Ma’am. Many of us—”

    Customer: “It’s still WHITE TRASH TALK!”

    (The waitress keeps her composure, and helps the elderly woman to her table. The customer starts talking to her grown-up children at the table.)

    Customer: “She is a no-class nothing! White trash! That’s all she is!”

    (The waitress finally takes a deep breath, and walks up to the elderly woman’s table.)

    Waitress: “You’re calling me white trash. Do you know that I own this franchise?”

    (The elderly woman’s eyes narrow at her, as though trying to figure out if she is lying or not.)

    Waitress: “If you’ll look at that plaque, that’s mine. It says I own this franchise. And, ma’am, you need not come back here again.”