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    Aisle Always Need Directions, Part 2

    | Ontario, Canada |

    (Our store credit card has recently changed banks it affiliates with, so everyone with our store credit card was given notice on every bill for a few months before they received their new cards.)

    Customer: “Yeah, I got a new credit card in the mail.” *tosses his card on the counter*

    Me: “Yes, we changed banks. If you had a balance on your previous card, it will just have transferred over to this one.”

    Customer: “But it has a company name on it and we don’t own this company anymore.”

    Me: “Oh, so you want to change the information that’s on the card?”

    Customer: “I don’t know, you tell me.”

    Me: “Um, well, I don’t know. I can’t really tell you what to do with your card–”

    Customer: “But we don’t own this business anymore!”

    Me: “So, do you want to call the credit card company and get them to change it to a personal account?”

    Customer: “I don’t know! Why aren’t you telling me what to do?!”

    Me: “I’m not really sure what you want me to tell you.”

    Coworker: *stepping in after overhearing* “You have to go home and think about what you want. Then when you make up your mind, call the 1-800 number on the back of the card and tell them what you want to do with your card.”

    Customer: “Okay!” *leaves happy*

    Asile Always Need Directions

    The answer is always no

    That’s (Not) Racist

    By the talented Angela Patton!

    Thar She ISOs

    | Hollywood, FL, USAUSA | Criminal/Illegal

    Customer: “You guys buy games, right?”

    Me: “That’s right.”

    Customer: “Any games, right?”

    Me: “Unless we have several of them in stock, or they’re in very poor condition, yes.”

    Customer: “So, you’ll take any games as long as there’s no scratches and you don’t have a bunch of them, right?”

    Me: “Correct.”

    Customer: “Okay, good! I’ve got 20 games here that I wanna sell.”

    (The man opens the shoebox he’s been carrying and starts to unload a number of discs onto the counter.)

    Me: “Uh, sir…I can’t take these games.”

    Customer: “Why not? You just said you could!”

    Me: “Because they’re illegally copied games.”

    Customer: “But you said you’d take them!”

    Me: “Not if they’re DVD-Rs with the names written in Sharpie!”

    Choose Your Own Misadventures

    | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Bizarre

    (A woman walks up to the register with four pages out of four different books: a Grisham, a Kinsella, a King and a Straub.)

    Me: “Did you find these pages loose?”

    Customer: “No, I ripped them out. I want to buy them for 10 cents per page. Is that okay?”

    Me: *shocked* “Um, no!”

    Customer: *turns and leaves the store*

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