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    Daddy Doesn’t Brat An Eyelid

    | Southampton, England, UK | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (While working at the cafe, I am wearing a cream-coloured top done up at the front with a ribbon. A father and daughter (who only looks to be around seven) sit next to the table I am cleaning.)

    Daughter: “Daddy! I want to be like her! So skinny!”

    (I’m a size 12, and the top is definitely showing what little curves I have.)

    Father: “Uh-huh…”

    Daughter: “But I hate that top! Such a horrid colour! Miss, why are you working with such a horrible top on?”

    Me: “Well, uh… I rather like this top. It keeps me cool in the warm weather.”

    (At this point, I go to take some plates in. When I come back to wipe the table down, the daughter has a ketchup bottle in her hand.)

    Daughter: “You know, I was thinking: that top would look better in red, miss. Let me change it for you!”

    Me: “I’d rather you didn’t!”

    (The daughter gets up with the ketchup in her hand, and eyes my top threateningly as I pull away from the table as quickly as I can.)

    Daughter: “But daddy ALWAYS lets me do what I want! You have to do so, too!”

    Me: “Erh… sir, please tell your daughter to calm down.”

    Father: “Don’t you DARE tell me how to raise my daughter. Some slutty waitress like you… I bet you have kids with no father in sight!”

    (Thankfully, my manager intervened at that point and escorted the father and daughter out!)