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    Customer To The Rescue

    | Boone, IA, USA | Crazy Requests, Top

    (I am currently working in the electronics section of a discount super store, whose favorite color used to be blue, when I am approached by a customer, which is surprising since the state is being hit by a significantly large ice storm.)

    Customer #1: “Hi, I’d like to pick up my pictures.”

    Me: “Hmm… it seems they aren’t in yet. When did you send them out?”

    Customer #1: *very angry* “They were supposed to be in today!”

    Me: “I’m sorry sir, but the lab where they are processed is hours away and its too dangerous for the drivers to be out on the roads today.”

    Customer #1: “Well, I made it. How come they can’t?”

    Me: “Sir, you live on the street behind the building, which is a much shorter and safer distance compared to the over 120 miles the driver would have to drive, especially on roads that not even emergency vehicles won’t go onto.”

    Customer #1: “I was told my pictures were going to be back today, and I want them today!”

    (I’m about to apologize to the man but am beaten to the punch by the customer behind him…)

    Customer #2: “Yeah! You guys should have dog sleds on the side just in case.”

    Customer #1: “Don’t be ridiculous!”

    Customer #2: *in a very apologetic tone* “I’m sorry, I thought it was my turn to make insane demands.”

    Customer #1: *storms off talking to the air about how rude people are*

    Customer #2: “That was fun!” *walks away*

    (Unfortunately, I never got to thank that second customer. Wherever you are Customer #2, thank you.)

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