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    Customer Knows Best

    | Perimeter, GA, USA | Top

    (We are running this little sale that offers the customer 20% off on regular priced item.)

    Customer: “So, can I use the sale coupon on sale items?”

    Me: “Unfortunately, the coupon is only good on regularly priced item.”

    Customer: “What about sale items?”

    Me: “It can only be used on regularly priced items.”

    Customer: “But the shoes were $109, and now they are $79.”

    Me: “We can only use it on regularly priced items.”

    Customer: “But it’s marked down!”

    Me: *losing patience, but still with a smile* “I’m sorry, but again we can only use it on regularly priced items.”

    Customer: “Well, then make my shoes regular priced and give me my 20%!”

    Me: “Sure, I’d be happy to. You grand total comes to $87.20.”

    Customer: “Finally! I swear, all you people try to do is swindle us out of buying sale items with that regular priced coupon. But I see through what you’re trying to do.”

    Me: “Yes. I’ll do everything I can to give you the best deal you want.”