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    Crazy Just Got To Another Level

    | PA, USA | Crazy Requests

    (I am handling a sales order with a customer. An older lady taps me on the shoulder.)

    Customer: “I can’t find your elevator anywhere!”

    Me: “It’s a one story building. I am afraid we don’t have one.”

    Customer: “That’s horrible! My knees are so bad! I just can’t handle the stairs!”

    Me: “We… don’t have stairs.”

    (As I am replying, she has turned and walked away. About a week later, I get a call…)

    State Employee: “I am calling to investigate a complaint we received that your store is violating ADA. Is it true you don’t have an elevator?”

    Me: “Yes. I don’t have a second floor or stairs either.”

    State Employee: “So, I just file this under ‘crazy’… gotcha.”