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    Chroniton & Paste

    | Bellevue, WA, USA |

    (Note: I run the scoring system at swim meets for my local pool.)

    Parent: “Do you mind pulling up my son’s race time?”

    Me: “No problem. What race?”

    Parent: “32.”

    (I glance over at the announcer’s table. Race 25 is currently swimming.)

    Me: “Oh, so you want his qualification time? Sure, I can pull that up.”

    Parent: “No, no. I want his race time.”

    Me: “You do realize that the race hasn’t happened yet, right?”

    Parent: “Oh, that matters? Okay, then…switch him into an earlier race.”

    Me: “Even if I switched him into a race that had already happened, it wouldn’t make your son’s time appear in the system. The computer doesn’t work that way.”

    Parent: “It doesn’t?”