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    Christmas Consideration

    | Richmond, KY, USA | At The Checkout, Holidays, Theme Of The Month

    (It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There is only one register open as the day is just beginning. My shopping cart is filled with three dozen books and other sundry items.)

    Cashier: “Good morning. Can I interest you in signing up today for a [Store] card? You’ll save on future purchases here at [Store].”

    Me: “Only if you open a second register to help the lady behind me.”

    (We both turn at look at a 40-ish female carrying at least a dozen different items. She can barely see or carry her load.)

    Cashier: “Madam, we can help you at lane two. We’ve just opened it.”

    Me: *to the cashier* “Thank you. My name is…”

    (Registering for the card and checking out took just a few minutes. Stay classy out there, fellow Christmas shoppers!)