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    Children Are A Stressing

    | Kansas, USA | Family & Kids, Wild & Unruly

    (At the day care where I work, I have one kid who screams for absolutely no reason. He also has been known to become violent in a short amount of time. In this particular instance, a parent has arrived to pick up her own child while the kid is livid.)

    Parent: *walks in smiling* “How’s your day going?”

    Me: *smiles back* “Not too bad! Yours?”

    Parent: *glances at child* “I’m just glad it’s almost Friday.”

    Me: “Yeah, me too.”

    (Suddenly, the kid picks up a chair, and throws it against the wall while letting out a monstrous scream, scaring not only this parent, but two other parents, the rest of the children, and myself.)

    Parent: *stares at the kid and looks back at me* “God bless you!”