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    Childlike Parenting

    | Washington, USA | Family & Kids

    (I am working in the children’s section of the bookstore. A parent comes in looking for a learn-to-read series for their kid.)

    Parent: “I want something that will teach my kid how to read.”

    Me: “Well, there are a few good series over here. My little cousin used Bob Books and really liked them.”

    Parent: “No, my kid needs sound too. Do you have anything like that?”

    Me: “Sure, there are two right here.”

    Parent: “So, if I buy one of these, I can just let my kid learn to read all by themselves? I won’t have to help them at all?”

    Me: “Um, you want a learn to read series that doesn’t require you actually spend any time reading with your child?”

    Parent: “Yes. Absolutely. You have that, right?”

    Me: “No, we don’t. Any child who is learning to read requires some parental involvement. You could let them read to you as a way of checking on their progress. That would be the absolute bare minimum.”

    Parent: “Well, that sucks! So much for technology improving our lives!”