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    Childlike, But Not So Innocent

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    (Note: as our store is a small business, we have a strict no refunds policy.)

    Customer: “Hi, I’d like to return these shoes.”

    Manager: ¬†”Okay, any particular reason?”

    Customer: ¬†”The shoe fits my right foot, but the left shoe is too big.”

    Manager: ¬†”Did they both fit when you bought them?”

    Customer: ¬†”Well, I didn’t try both of them on. The girl‚Ķ”*motions to me* “‚Ķtold me I should, but I didn’t.”

    Manager: ¬†”Well, since they haven’t been worn, we can give you an exchange or a store credit.”

    Customer: ¬†”I’d like a refund.”

    Manager: ¬†”We could give you a refund if there was something wrong with the shoes, or if we had made a mistake.”

    Customer: ¬†”But you did! You didn’t make me try on both shoes.”

    Manager: ¬†”Ma’am, you said my co-worker encouraged you to. ¬†We can’t make you try on both shoes.”

    Customer: “I still think I should get a refund. It’s your fault! You would make a child try on both shoes, wouldn’t you?!”