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    Checking Her Out At The Checkout Just Checked Out

    | LA, USA | At The Checkout, Love/Romance, Top

    (My boyfriend is visiting me at work. He’s currently at the back of the store, looking at our soft drinks. I am ringing up a customer’s items.)

    Me: “Is this all you need, sir?”

    Customer: “No, I need your digits so we can go out sometime.”

    Me: “Not happening. Your total is $15.86, sir.”

    (He pays but he doesn’t leave. My boyfriend walks up to the counter with his drink. The customer nudges him with an elbow, and starts talking to him.)

    Customer: “What sort of guy do you think she goes for?”

    Boyfriend: “Well, she wants a guy who is smart, charming, witty, and funny in an off-beat kind of way.”

    (I am grinning as I nod.)

    Me: “Yep. He’d have to be 5’9; muscular but not beefy. He’d need hazel eyes, a light olive complexion, black hair, and a cheeky grin.”

    (My boyfriend smirks and the customer frowns.)

    Customer: “It sounds like she just described you.”

    Boyfriend: “That’s because she was describing me. She’s my girlfriend.”

    Customer: “Oh! I meant no harm, man!”

    (The customer runs out of the store with his bag, and we both start laughing.)

    Me: “You should visit me at work more often.”