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    (I run a precious gems and minerals booth at a trade show. A customer walks up to me and does some looking around first.)

    Customer: “Do you buy things?”

    Me: “Sometimes, is it minerals?”

    Customer: “Sorta, yeah.”

    (The customer takes out a palm sized velvet pouch.)

    Customer: “I have a friend that cuts rocks and does things to them. I had him make me a set of ruby quartz flat gems and paint them with gold leaf. They’re kinda rare, and I was hoping to get $90 for them.”

    Me: “That depends…”

    (I hold out my hand for the bag. Instead he opens it, and pours out a couple of red glass, aka ‘fused quartz’ flat facet gems with runes on them in gold color paint. One has a chip in corner.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but these are in the trade wholesale catalogs in five colors, come with a booklet and retail for $20. Without the book and damaged, best I could hope to get is $5, so that means I won’t pay you that much.”

    Customer: “How dare you! Bad karma ON YOU! My friend Spent TWO WEEKS cutting and carving these!”

    (I spot another vendor across from me, talking to security.)

    Vendor Across From Me: “Yeah, that’s the guy!”

    Customer: *Oh s***!”

    (The customer takes off, leaving the bag. Security gets him before he gets out door. If he had gone all the way around my booth, he would have seen that I have full sets, in all five colors for sale, with the booklet, for less than $20. Bad karma indeed.)