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(I work for the home office contact center and am assisting a life insurance agent with one of his customer’s policies. We have different departments that handle different aspects, and he is in the wrong one.)

Me: Sir, I would need to get you to over to Pre-Sales. I’m not equipped to answer your question.

Agent (irrationally angry) : No! Don’t you transfer me. Those guys in Pre-Sales are asshole! Ass. Holes. Assholes!

Me: Sir–

Agent: No! You don’t understand! They are assholes! They… They have…. HOLES! In their ASSES…! Assholes!

Me: Uh. Okay. (I wasn’t aware that one would need to explain assholes to me… I eventually transfer him to my manager.)

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((I have a customer come on my line with orange juice, half a gallon of milk, a newspaper, and another light item))

Customer: Okay, can I have the milk and orange juice in separate

((i take this as she does not want the milk and orange juice in the same bag, so i put the newspaper with the juice, and the other light item with the milk))

Me: Thank you, have a nice day.

Customer: What is this? I thought I told you to put them in separate bags!

Me: I’m sorry Ma’am I thou-

Customer: I’m going to go talk to your manger

((she put the newspaper and light item in a another bag and goes to the front desk. The person at the desk works in deli, anfd just happens to be there are the moment. The customer leaves))

Deli worker: What the hell was that about?

Me: A simple misunderstanding.

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(I was working an over night shift at a newer hotel when I got the strangest of phone calls….)

Me: Thank you for calling *****, my name is *****, how can I help you?

Caller: (Doesn’t say a word. In the background, I can hear a really loud, obnoxious song.)

Me: Hello? Can I help you?

Caller: *click*

(I shrug it off, and get back to work. A few minutes later, the phone rings again.)

Me: Thank you for calling *****, my name is *****, how can I help you?

Caller: (Says nothing. It is the same person, because the background sound is exactly the same. Hangs up before I can repeat myself).

(This whole scenario repeats itself another 3-4 times until finally…)

Me: Thank you for calling *****, my name is–


Me: ….

(He called a few more times before finally, I guess, figuring out that he had the wrong number.)

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(I work as a cart wrangler. Now, because of the way the store was built, the only way to get in from the parking lots is on an inclined movator. The carts were thus designed so that the wheels would lock in place when you pushed the cart onto it.Two other distinguishing features of the carts is that they’re those newer two-layer types, and they are bright orange or yellow so the cart wranglers can see them in the dark.

A lady approaches me with a cart that very obviously doesn’t belong to us)

Customer: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Me: Pardon?

Customer: This cart! I brought it onto the ramp, and the wheels didn’t lock! It was too dangerous!

Me: I’m sorry you experienced that, but we can’t be held responsible for damage caused by property that isn’t ours…

Customer: What do you mean “not yours”? It HAS to be one of your carts! It was in the parking lot!

Me: I’d just like to point out a few things. First, the cart you were using is: not painted, one large basket, and has [competitor’s] logo on the handle. OUR carts are: multi-tiered, designed with the wheel locks on them, and they GLOW IN THE DARK. There is NO way that cart belongs to us.

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During the morning shift if the store I work at there are only two people: a manager to perform specific duties and a sales associate to ring. The sales associate has to stay at the front to be ready to ring up customers and watch the front to prevent theft. The following exchange took place while I was on a morning shift and unable to leave the front.

Customer: “hello sir, could you help me and my husband find specific type of shoes?”

Me: ” I would love to come help you but because it’s early and no one else is working I must stay up at the front and am unable to accompany you.”

(I go on to explain where the aisle is that she is looking for. She doesn’t seem to fully grasp why I am unable to leave my post at the front. A little later I see her come up to the front.)

Customer: ” Sir I need you to come down and help my husband and I retrieve something instead of just standing up there at the front.”

Me: “I’m sorry Ma’am, but as I said before I am unable to leave my post at the front of the store. I will call my-”

(Before I can finish telling her I will call my manager away from her duties so one of us can help she storms off to where her husband is. A bit later she runs up to the front again.)

Customer: ” Excuse me sir! Because you wouldn’t come help me and my husband a box fell on his head and he is now bleeding profusely!”

(I try to respond but she takes her husband and rushes out of the store before I can say anything.)

Manager: “Did that really just happen?”

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