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Always Listen To Your Mother

| West Virginia | Uncategorized

Lady Looking At A Coat: “Oh, I don’t know if I can afford it!”

Lady’s Mother: “You’ll have to sell your body on the street to pay for it, hun.”

Who Needs Math When You Can Sue

| Philadelphia, PA | Uncategorized

Pizza Customer: “I ordered a pizza, half pepperoni, half sausage … and half plain.”

Me: “Lady, there’s only two halves in a whole.”

Pizza Customer: “I know there are only two halves in a whole! I’m a lawyer; this treatment is unfair and I demand satisfaction!”

Vol. 2 of Strange Ways To Hold A Phone

| UK | Uncategorized

Customer (speaking over the telephone): “Could you speak up please, I’m deaf in one ear…”

On The Acoustical Properties of Wheelchairs

| UK | Uncategorized

Call Center Customer: “You’ll have to speak up love, I’m in a wheelchair!”

Apparently, It Grows On Trees Nowadays

| Seattle, WA | Uncategorized

Disgruntled Bank Customer: “What do you mean I don’t have any money? I still have checks in my book!”

(Customer opens up check book, showing off her blank checks)

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