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    Didn’t Read The Signals

    | WA, USA | Books & Reading, Family & Kids, Technology, Themed Giveaway

    (I overhear a library patron talking to his small daughter.)

    Patron: “You’re turning five today; do you know what that means?”

    Daughter: “Uh…”

    Patron: “Do you know what you finally get today? It’s so exciting!”

    Daughter: “A pink Nintendo DS?!”

    Patron: “What? Uh, no. We’re getting you a library card.”

    Me: “…weeee! Happy birthday!”

    Drowning In Incompetence

    | Colorado Springs, CO, USA | Family & Kids, Health & Body, Themed Giveaway, Top

    (I observe an exchange between a lifeguard, a mother, and the manager. The life guard has just jumped in and saves a three year old from drowning.)

    Mother: “Why did you just grab my kid?”

    Lifeguard: “He had wandered too deep and couldn’t touch the bottom; I pulled him out because he was drowning.”

    Mother: “He was just playing. He was perfectly fine.”

    Lifeguard: “Ma’am, his head was under water and he could not breathe. ”

    Mother: “I DEMAND to see your manager!”

    (The manager, who has witnessed the whole thing, walks over and takes the mother to his office. After about 10 minutes he returns and begins talking to the lifeguard.)

    Manager: “Our business is all about serving our members and what you did is unacceptable.”

    Life Guard: “You mean saving that kids life?”

    Manager: “Yes, the mother says he was just playing and you ruined his fun.”

    (The lifeguard is understandably speechless, so I feel the need to interject.)

    Me: “Sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to congratulate this lifeguard on saving that kid’s life.”

    Manager: “He wasn’t drowning; it was just a drill.”

    Me: “Are you kidding?! The kid was under water, flailing, and unable to breathe!”

    Manager: “Really?”

    Lifeguard & Me: “YES!”

    Manager: “Oh, sorry.”

    (The manager walks away.)

    Me: “You need to find a new job.”

    Lifeguard: “No kidding.”

    Teach Them The Ways Of The Dark-Ale Side

    | England, UK | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Themed Giveaway

    (I’m picking up my daughter from nursery, and overhear a conversation with one of the other parents and a member of staff.)

    Parent: “Tell her what mommy is going to do tonight.”

    Two-Year-Old: “Mummy is going to the bar and getting pissed!”

    Staff: “Err…”

    Parent: “Isn’t it funny!?”

    Scaring Is Caring

    | WI, USA | At The Checkout, Family & Kids, Themed Giveaway

    (A young mom with a five- or six-year-old girl approach my register.)

    Me: “How are you today?”

    Mom: “I’m fine, thanks.”

    Girl: “I’m scared!”

    Me: *to girl* “What are you scared of?”

    Girl: “You!”

    Me: “Me?”

    (Her mom and I look at each other, giggling a bit.)

    Me: “Would I be less scary if I gave you a sticker?”

    Girl: “No.”

    Me: “Would you like a sticker anyway?”

    Girl: “Okay.”

    (I finish up the transaction, and they walk towards the exit.)

    Me: “Thanks! Bye, scaredy-cat!”

    Girl: “Bye, strange lady!”

    (She was so cute; I’m still giggling.)

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