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    Marri(age) Dispute

    | OR, USA | Family & Kids, Themed Giveaway, Top

    (I am a secretary at a big summer camp. Due to the extended needs of our small children, we only take kids through age 12. I answer a call.)

    Me: “Hello, this is [Camp]; how may I help you?”

    Mother: “I’d like to register my son for the finger-painting class.”

    Me: “That’s excellent. May I just ask your son’s age?”

    Mother: “Certainly, he’s 17.”

    Me: “…I’m sorry, but I don’t think we can take your son.”

    Mother: “Why?!”

    Me: “Because we only take children up to age 12, and anyhow, this class is for our five-year-old age group. If you’d like, I can refer you to [teen camp]; they’re better suited to teens.”

    Mother: “No! You’re going to take my son! He wants this class!”

    Me: “I’m really sorry, but that rule is set in stone. We can’t bend it. Like I said, I can help you—”

    Mother: “NO! NO! NO! You sign him up right now or I’ll have you fired!” *to son* “Here, Little Johnny! Tell this b**** to put you in the class!”

    Little Johnny: “Yeah, I know the class is for five-year olds. My mom just doesn’t want me to go see my dad. Sorry about that. She’s an idiot. Bye.”

    Mother: *in background* “LITTLE JOHNNY! DON’T TELL HER THAT!” *click*

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    Taking Shots At Her Kids

    | Canada | Family & Kids, Food & Drink, Themed Giveaway

    (My store serves a variety of health-drinks. Some of these are concentrated and fairly potent, so we serve them in the form of a ‘shot,’ although they don’t contain any alcohol. A customer comes in with two rowdy young children and orders one of our shots. Her kids are running around and shouting in the background.)

    Customer: “I’m taking them back-to-school shopping today, and—STOP FIGHTING, JUST STOP—sorry.”

    Coworker: “Here’s your shot ma’am!”

    Customer: “Alright kids. Mommy’s going to take her shot now! At 10:30 in the morning! What am I doing with my life? At least it’s just wheatgrass…”

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    Watered Down Purchase

    | Dallas, TX, USA | Family & Kids, Themed Giveaway

    Coworker: “Here they come.”

    Me: “Who?”

    Coworker: “The ‘Drink Ladies From Hell.’”

    (Five women and their five-year-old daughters enter. The kids are wearing ballet outfits, and clearly have just come from dance lessons.)

    Woman: “Five waters, to go, please.”

    (We fill up five Styrofoam cups of water, at no charge. The women plant themselves at a table and talk for about an hour. The kids run wild through the restaurant, pulling napkins from other tables, spilling salt and pepper, and just generally making a mess. They do this every week for more than a year. To my knowledge, they have never spent any money with us.)

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