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    Refunder Blunder, Part 10

    | ON, Canada | Crazy Requests, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Theme Of The Month

    (The store opens five minutes early and a customer comes in specially to make a return.)

    Customer: “I was hoping to exchange these chips and get a different flavour.”

    Supervisor: “Do you have a receipt?”

    Customer: “No.”

    Supervisor: “Well, these are still well before their expiry date…”

    (She looks at the second bag.)

    Supervisor: “Oh, this is a flavour we don’t carry.”

    Customer: “I’m just hoping to exchange them.”

    Supervisor: “I understand that, but we don’t carry this product.”

    Customer: “All I want to do is exchange these chips for another flavour in the same brand.”

    Supervisor: “Sir, I’m sorry, but we’re not even really supposed to do returns without a receipt, and I can say quite confidently that you didn’t buy them here.”

    Customer: “I KNOW I didn’t buy them here, but I don’t understand why I can’t return them here.”

    Supervisor: “You don’t understand why I won’t return something we don’t sell?”

    Customer: “…I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

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    This Transaction Went Straight Down The Toilet

    | CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Theme Of The Month

    (A customer came into our store with a toilet that he had installed himself, and he wanted to return it. This toilet had been used and was disgusting. He had no receipt, and we couldn’t find the purchase on any of his credit cards.)

    Customer: “I want you to return this NOW!”

    Manager: “Sir, we can’t return a high price item without a receipt or the card used.”

    Customer: “If you don’t return this one, I’m just going to take one off of the shelf!”

    Manager: “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

    (The customer proceeded to pick up the filthy toilet and throw it. It broke, and our associates ended up having to clean it up.)

    You’ve Been Framed

    | UK | Bad Behavior, Theme Of The Month

    (I am a manager of an independent retail store with strict refund/exchange policies.)

    Customer: “Hello, I purchased this frame the other day and would like to swap it as it’s the wrong one.”

    Me: “Okay, do you have a receipt?”

    Customer: “No. I just want to swap it.”

    Me: “Okay, well, without a receipt I can’t really exchange it. It’s also not recognised on our till so I don’t know how much it was originally, therefore can’t swap it as I don’t know if it’s equal value.”

    Customer: “THIS IS DISGUSTING! You are meant to support local businesses! This is disgusting!”

    Me: “I’m sorry; if you have a bank statement perhaps we can do something.”


    (The customer proceeded to throw the glass photo-frame across the store at my head. I swerved and avoided being hit with the frame and the customer stormed out of the shop. I stood, shocked by what had just happened. The customer then came back into store and demanded the photo-frame back, shouting that she would be making an official complaint about me!)

    Can’t Subscribe To Their Way Of Thinking

    | PA, USA | Crazy Requests, Theme Of The Month

    (Customer calls in to try and get a refund.)

    Me: “Hello this is [My Name] with [Company]. How can I help you today?”

    Customer: “Yes, I want a refund for my TV Weekly. I bought a subscription and I don’t like it.”

    Me: “Okay, just give me one second to look into your account.”

    (I access her account.)

    Me: “Okay, ma’am, unfortunately we will not be able to give you a credit on your account because—”

    Customer: “Why the h*** not!?”

    Me: “Well, as I was saying, it looks like you received every issue of your two-year subscription and it’s been a year since we sent you a renewal letter.”

    Customer: “So what? I just told you; I didn’t like your magazine and I want my money back.”

    Me: “Ma’am, according to your account we never received one call or complaint in the entire three years since you ordered the magazine.”

    Customer: “Well, I didn’t have the time to so I’m calling now.”

    Me: “In three years you haven’t had the time?”

    Customer: “Some of us have REAL jobs.”

    Me: “Okay, well, then the charge shouldn’t be a problem; have a good day, ma’am.”

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