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Extras Roundup: Ridiculous Receipts

Not Always Right | Roundups

Here’s a collection of some receipts that range from awesome to just plain ridiculous, fresh from our Extras section!

Receipt Win
(50 thumbs up)
$200 Tip, Anyone?
(160 thumbs up)
Worst Tip Ever
(43 thumbs up)
Another Cheap Customer, Part 2
(28 thumbs up)
Another Cheap Customer
(28 thumbs up)
I Can’t Math
(53 thumbs up)

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We’ve Got 20,000 Facebook Fans!

Not Always Right/Facebook | Announcements, Roundups

Hooray! Not Always Right now has 20,000+ wonderful Fans on Facebook!

We couldn’t let this milestone pass without taking a look back at some of our most historic posts. Check them out!

1. First NAR Story: Because Insurance Is Such A Scream
2. Most Viewed: Every Bad Crowd Had A Silver Lining
3. Most Viral: How To Make Them Silent As A Mouse

We’d also like to take the time to say THANK YOU to all of our fans and readers who have made Not Always Right the AWESOME place it is today.

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Weekly Roundup: Bosses To The Rescue!

Not Always Right | Roundups

Bosses To The Rescue! Having a great boss makes all the difference! This week’s roundup features stories of superiors who save the day!

  1. Even Owners Have A Stupid Quota, Part 2 (2,912 thumbs up)
    A fed-up owner literally tells a customer to “Bite Me!”
  2. The Fine Art Of Firing A Customer (6,638 thumbs up)
    How do you evict a rude self-storage customer? Get him to evict himself.
  3. Teenage Boys And Smutty Mags? You Don’t Say! (6,113 thumbs up)
    A prudish grandmother gets a crash course in boys, bikinis, and browser histories!
  4. Coworkers Uber Alles (4,935 thumbs up)
    Sometimes, with the worst customers, you find the best coworkers
  5. Even Bosses Have A Stupid Quota (9,447 thumbs up)
    What this manager lacks in tact, he makes up for in total honesty!

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Weekly Roundup: Twister Tales

Not Always Right | Roundups

Twister Tales! Bad weather is no laughing matter, which is why this week we share five stories of how selfish and senseless customers can be—even in the face of disaster.

  1. The Wind In The Windows (3,315 thumbs up)
    A crazy caller finds out there’s a good reason tornado sirens are so loud!
  2. Can’t See The Forest For The Airborne Trees (3,053 thumbs up)
    Not a good idea: ringing up tech support in the middle of a twister.
  3. Tornado 1, Whiny Caller 0 (2,680 thumbs up)
    The customer is always right, except when the employee needs to run for their life!
  4. How Dorothy Does Her Shopping (2,515 thumbs up)
    Neither torrential rain or airborne objects can stop this shopper.
  5. Great Game Until The Tornado Stole Home (1,704 thumbs up)
    Mother Nature messes with the wrong Red Sox fan!

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Don’t Mess With Employees, Part 2

Not Always Right | Roundups, Wild & Unruly

Don’t Mess With Employees, Part 2! This week, we return with part two of the roundup that started it all: teaching misbehaving customers the consequences of messing with employees!

  1. Why Barkeeps Should Rule The World (6,011 thumbs up)
    A cheap patron asks a stupid question and gets a priceless answer!
  2. Scamming In Plain Sight (4,764 thumbs up)
    The only damage this scamming customer will get is to his wallet.
  3. Coming To A Theater Near You: Gangsta Ushers (2,937 thumbs up)
    A thieving movie customer gets the show of a lifetime!
  4. Don’t Mess With The Candyland Gang (1,794 thumbs up)
    What do a Fairy, Santa Clause, and a six-foot Snowman have in common?
  5. Choose Your Battles (3,653 thumbs up)
    A violent video game customer learns it’s best not to wrestle with wrestlers!

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