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    Weekly Roundup: Call Center Chronicles

    | Not Always Right | Roundups

    Call Center Chronicles! They may seem faceless, but call center employees are constantly faced with anger, stupidity, and difficult customers on a daily basis!

    1. Nothin’ Like Some Tough Lovin’ (3,951 thumbs up)
      A caller finds out the “childish” cause of some adult card charges, and dishes out some adult justice!
    2. He Wants The Google (2,586 thumbs up)
      A tech-illiterate customer finds out the expensive, multi-billion dollar difference between *using* Google and *buying* Google.
    3. That’s Assuming If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood (5,986 thumbs up)
      If you ask this call center employee a stupid question, you’ll get a bunch of woodchucks!
    4. The Commute Must Be Out Of This World (2,778 thumbs up)
      A surveyer makes a very, very, very long-distance call… to the planet Qinjax.
    5. Even Paranoid Racist Nutjobs Have Bad Days (4,203 thumbs up)
      A racist caller finds out that bigotry is no challenge for diversity!

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    Weekly Roundup: Cat-astrophic Customers

    Not Always Right | Pets & Animals, Roundups

    Cat-astrophic Customers! U can haz LOL (& OMG) with this week’s selection of cat-themed customer stories!

    1. No Paws For Thought (4,465 thumbs up)
      We’re not sure what’s more desperate: the bus passenger who can’t bring her cat, or the employee who can’t hang up on her!
    2. Curiosity Feeds The Cat (2,340 thumbs up)
      What a meow-ron: No, your cat doesn’t need to match the one on the cat food packaging.
    3. Models Are Always Catty (3,051 thumbs up)
      We all think our cats are model kitties, but this picky customer thinks cats literally come in models!
    4. A Victim Of Fur-Ball Abuse (2,704 thumbs up)
      This ridiculous owner is definitely “fanciful” if she thinks she can exchange cats willy-nilly.
    5. Not Quite The Cat’s Meow (3,977 thumbs up)
      Strays deserve love, too—but customers need to ensure they’re the correct species first!

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    Weekly Roundup: Bad Behavior

    Not Always Right | Bad Behavior, Roundups

    Bad Behavior! This week, we feature five stories about customers behaving badly. Got similar stories of your own? Enter our related January Themed Giveaway: Bad Behavior!

    1. When Toxic Personalities Become Intoxicated (2,889 thumbs up)
      A drunk college student learns not to (right) cross a soldier’s girlfriend!
    2. They Crossed A Line (1,278 thumbs up)
      A Black Friday line cutter gets an attit-queue-de when told to go to the back of the line.
    3. Branding Is All Smoke & Mirrors (1,368 thumbs up)
      We employees can handle things being thrown at us, but nice customers make us tear up every time!
    4. Crying Over Spoiled Milk (1,907 thumbs up)
      This husband ordering coffee can’t ‘espresso’ himself–but his wife knows he’s ‘short’ a few brain cells.
    5. Kids Will Send Any Parent To The Funny Pharm (1,273 thumbs up)
      A pharmacist overhears several screaming good reasons why a customer needs birth control!

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    December 2012 Top Story Roundup

    Not Always Right | Roundups

    December 2012 Top Story Roundup: Here are Not Always Right’s top-rated stories for the month of December!

    1. Best Not To Exchange With Haters (4,336 thumbs up)
      A bigoted customer finds out that managers won’t exchange good employees for bad customers!
    2. The Gift Card That Keeps Giving (4,063 thumbs up)
      This heartwarming Christmas story shows that gift cards are anything but impersonal.
    3. Mama Puts A Stammer In Your Swagger (3,640 thumbs up)
      A foul-mouthed teenage customer meets his match: his mother!
    4. Working Hard: $100; Holiday Spirit: Priceless (3,613 thumbs up)
      A little old lady comes to the defense of an employee going through holiday hell.
    5. Hail To The Bus Driver (3,493 thumbs up)
      Caught in a snowstorm, off-the-clock bus driver goes above and beyond for a passenger!

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